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bianco porpora
Rosso fuoco
A different centerpiece 2
March 8, 9 , 10...
Prayer in winter
The astonishment of the morning
A postcard from Rome
Clouds and rain
The last ray
Claudia & Simone
Valencia lights
Confrontation of styles
Variety lights 4/4
Variety lights 2/4
Words on the floor
details of loght 2/3
Details of light 1/3
Autumn days 4/4
Autumn days 2/4
Music & colors
The wait...
A desire to rain... (4)
A desire to rain...
Man, with blade and cigarette.
Straight & curved lines... and anything else 3/3
Straight  & curved lines... and anything else 1/3 morning of the world 1/2
The harbor
Barcelona colon 2/2
A question of balance 1/3 nostro pane
The pleasure of the wonder
Sagrada familia: the colors of paradise
Remove the anchors 6/6
Remove the anchors 4/6
Remove the anchors 3/6
The dark's colors
Freedoms & Colors 1/2
(God save) ...the Queen