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5 October 2019

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Fishers of dreams
2 October 2019

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The last days (of summer)
18 September 2019

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18 August 2019

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Between my fingers
7 April 2019

Thumbnail image

The fall
28 March 2019

Thumbnail image

Christmas atmosphere
21 December 2017

Thumbnail image

Water & sky
26 July 2017

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(6) Missions of war
2 June 2017

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The room of the columns
27 November 2010

Recent Comments

PascalXLD on Water, sea, wind
Une superbe lumière Bonne journée

Elaine Hancock on Water, sea, wind
This is stunning! Gorgeous colors and light!

Steve Rice on Water, sea, wind
A wonderful image with superb colors and reflections, too. Brilliant!

omid on Water, sea, wind
such beautiful composition, clouds, lights & reflections! Lovely colors!

❀ Anna on Water, sea, wind
Amazing beautiful, Nazzareno !! Love view and the reflections...

Ralf Kesper on Water, sea, wind
Top capture from the lowest possible point.

Shaun on Water, sea, wind
Just magnificent. Excellent work. 5*

By Marie on Water, sea, wind
Merveilleux... tout simplement

Existence Artistique on Water, sea, wind
belle lumière

Dimitrios on Water, sea, wind

Gérard Flayol on Water, sea, wind
Beautiful, but a little apocalyptic..... !

Anne on Water, sea, wind

Ronnie 2¢ on Water, sea, wind
. . and powerful colors, too !

Claudia on Neapolitan waterfront
So beautiful, wonderful photo ! Baci mon ami !

Marjolein on Neapolitan waterfront
Beautiful to see this evening view on Napoli

Sergei Z on Neapolitan waterfront
Beautiful view!

Elaine Hancock on Neapolitan waterfront
Magnificent view of the city. The lights are beautiful! 5*

Steve Rice on Neapolitan waterfront
Brilliant lights!

❀ Anna on Neapolitan waterfront
Superb photo and I love the light in it, Nazzareno !!

omid on Neapolitan waterfront
Amazing night shot & view.

Libouton Martine on Neapolitan waterfront
Juste magnifique ta photo j'adore Bravo à toi 5*

Existence Artistique on Neapolitan waterfront

Jaya on Neapolitan waterfront
bellissima quanto drammatica !

Ronnie 2¢ on Neapolitan waterfront
What a special moment this creates . .

Ralf Kesper on Neapolitan waterfront
Very nice skyline with all this lights.

PascalXLD on Neapolitan waterfront
Superbe cette nocturne avec cette ville pleine de lumière et ce superbe ciel Bonne journée

By Marie on Neapolitan waterfront
Superbe photo de nuit

PascalXLD on Geometries
J'aime ce graphisme Bonne journée

Steve Rice on Geometries
A beautiful graphic image.

Elaine Hancock on Geometries
A spectacular image. I love the color and the intersecting lines. 5*

Ralf Kesper on Geometries
Effective mapping.

Existence Artistique on Geometries
superbe ce traitement

Le Krop on Geometries
J'aime beaucoup !

By Marie on Geometries
Très géométrique en effet

Ronnie 2¢ on Geometries
All the ingredients of illusion . . clever presentation here.

Ana Lúcia on Fishers of dreams
This is perfect for a Black & White image.

Steve Rice on Fishers of dreams
A wonderful dream in perfect B&W.

Elaine Hancock on Fishers of dreams
A perfect title. A fabulous image. I love the black and white. 5*

omid on Fishers of dreams
:) such beautiful composition, lights, reflections & ripples Lovely!

Gary on Fishers of dreams
creative, atmospheric work

Existence Artistique on Fishers of dreams
bel effet pêché

Marjolein on Fishers of dreams
I go for the dreams ;-0

Ralf Kesper on Fishers of dreams
Superbe en b/n.

Libouton Martine on Fishers of dreams
Magnifique ta photo j'adore Bravo à toi

Anna Cherer on Fishers of dreams
Belle scène, N&B et ambiance !

PascalXLD on Fishers of dreams
Superbe composition Bonne journée

Le Krop on Fishers of dreams
Très belle image.

Ronnie 2¢ on Fishers of dreams
Marie has beaten me to the mermaid concept . . but I am sure the connection is more than just visual !

By Marie on Fishers of dreams
Il y a un bien joli poisson qui attend le pêcheur... à moins que ce ne soit une sirène. Joli nb et ...

Lougris on The Rome Temple
Très impressionnant ce bâtiment !!

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