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(6) Missions of war
2 June 2017

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A strong white
29 May 2017

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Indissoluble bonds
17 May 2017

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Long shadows
15 May 2017

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8 May 2017

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Islam's colors
3 May 2017

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Pizza and muscles
24 April 2017

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6 March 2017

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The passion
10 February 2017

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Take flight
28 August 2016

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Ba "Ghetto"
20 April 2016

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The room of the columns
27 November 2010

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on Break (the police) block
bel effet et excellente prise

Tomek on Break (the police) block
Superb documentary shot.

Elaine Hancock on Break (the police) block
A fabulous image and great documentary shot! The police look a little bewildered! 5*****

Steve Rice on Break (the police) block
Yes, she seems to have no trouble crossing the police line. The policemen are very watchful though. ;-)

Anita B. on Break (the police) block
Instant bien capté ! cocasse

Mireille T. on Break (the police) block
Excellent! Une scène très drôle!

Lalena on Break (the police) block
Woww La dona que fa front a l'autoritat amb na actitut convençuda!

Nicou on Break (the police) block
La dame avec son chien qui travers le rideau de police quelle vue superbe. amitié

omid on Water games
:) very nice & action shot! Lovely moment!

omid on Break (the police) block
Wonderful street shot !!!!

Temps de pose on Break (the police) block
Je vois que la police laisse passer les filles, tout en n'oubliant pas de les suivre du regard...

beach on Break (the police) block
A brave and defiant soul, is she. Nice shot.

Martine Libouton on Break (the police) block
J'adore superbe photo de rue !5*

PascalXLD on Break (the police) block
Une scène cocasse que tu as bien saisie Bonne journée

Claudia on Break (the police) block
Questa immagine mi fa sorridere e trovo che la ragazza e molto maleducato. Buon fine de settimana ! Baci !

Temps de pose on Water games
Tout le monde a soif d'eau ces jours ci et ce doit être bien chaud chez toi aussi

L'Angevine on Water games

Curly on Blond reflections
Yes, excellent portrait.

Steve Rice on Water games
Someone's going to get wet!

Marjolein on Water games
Very cool, it so hot with you?

Martine Libouton on Water games
Bravo une magnifique prise !

PascalXLD on Water games
De ce temps là cela fait du bien Bonne journée

L'Angevine on Blond reflections
bien vu

Claudia on Blond reflections
Ritratto molto piacevole il mio amico. Gli occhiali da sole e la ciocca di capelli davanti ai vostri occhi, danno il ...

Steve Rice on Blond reflections
A gorgeous portrait.

Tomek on Blond reflections
Excellent portratit.

Marie Le Corre on Blond reflections
Très beau portrait et joli sourire doux

Lalena on Blond reflections
Superb portrait. Lovely smile!!! :)

Marjolein on Blond reflections
What a happy photo.

Hiro on Blond reflections
Cool lady !

Martine Libouton on Blond reflections
Très bien vu ! J'aime ! Un très beau portrait

PascalXLD on Blond reflections
Superbe portrait Bonne journée

AMIR BABA on Country Masterchef

farNaaz50 on The legionary's return
Smart capture and very smart title .

L'Angevine on The legionary's return
oh excellent ces démarches

Elaine Hancock on The legionary's return
That would certainly make me stop and take a closer look! A great image! I love it!

omid on The legionary's return
:) A M A Z I N G !!!!!

Shaun on The legionary's return
Just superb. A great image of the tourist scene in Rome. 5*

Steve Rice on The legionary's return
An excellent shot of this man out of time.

Marie Le Corre on The legionary's return
Impressionnant gladiateur

Claudia on The legionary's return
Funny ! But I thin there uis a reason.Buon fine de settiman ! Baci !

Marjolein on The legionary's return
Ha this in the Colosseum ?

beach on The legionary's return
I don't know about you, but if this fellow passed me on the street, I'd have more surprised reaction than ...

Martine Libouton on The legionary's return
Haaaa oui tt à fait ! très belle prise de rue!

Gérard on The legionary's return
Sont ils toujours aussi violents au Colisée si on les photographie à leur insu ???

omid on Country Masterchef
such beautiful composition, focus, lights & fumes! Amazing shot!

L'Angevine on Country Masterchef
oh excellente prisse et cadrage

Steven on Country Masterchef
Beautiful tones and dramatic light captured here!! I love the smoke that has been captured here.

Lewis on Smile
Sweet portrait and light.

Lewis on Country Masterchef
Great capture, I like the 'hungry' look in their eyes.

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